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How angry are you?

Does your anger get out of control?

Do you know how angry you are?

Here is a 12 item scale to help you understand how your anger affects your life:

For each of the below, write down one of the following: not at all like me, a little like me, a lot like me

  1. I get frustrated easily
  2. I hate waiting or being kept waiting
  3. I get angry when I’m in a traffic jam
  4. Incompetence in others makes me angry
  5. My friends and family tell me I get angry too quickly
  6. I feel I get excessively angry
  7. It takes me a while to get over my anger
  8. If someone is rude to me I get very angry
  9. In discussions that turn into arguments, I’m usually the one who gets angry first
  10. It takes very little to make me angry
  11. I take criticism badly
  12. My anger often gets me into trouble



A lot like me = 3 points

A little like me = 2 points

Not at all like me = 0 points


Between 0 and 18 points – anger is not a major part of your life

Between 19 and 30 points – anger is affecting your life moderately

31 – 36 points – anger dominates your life


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