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Personality Test

Here is a simple personality test.  Without thinking about it, choose two shapes from those below.

Click on the appropriate shape to find out about your personality.

If you've chosen the Rectangle

You're left-brain dominant, with a good sense of humor, generally very caring and supportive.

People find you exciting and fun to be with. However you can often be in 'transition'. You have unpredictable moments and can be erratic at times. Your mood swings and short attention span can sometimes upset people but as there's never a dull moment around you, people generally overlook your mood swings.

If you've chosen the Circle

You are a team player. A real 'people person'. You are right brain orientated and that makes you a good talker. People find you loyal and therefore easy to confide in. You are trusting. However sometimes this can lead to you being a little gullible. You tend to over-talk in some situation, sometimes appearing illogical.

If you've chosen the Squiggle

You are a free spirit. You are right brain dominant and very creative. You love entertaining people and can be very stimulating - often the life of the party.

If you've chosen the Square

You are stable and disciplined - sometimes to the extent of being boring. People find you reliable and come to you for advice. You are most certainly a left brain dominant thinker. You can sometimes be too conservative and traditional. This can lead to you being tunnel visioned on occasion.

If you've chosen the Triangle

You are a mover and shaker. A leader. Someone who knows what they want and how to get it. You don't believe in beating about the bush and get quickly to exactly what you want.You love reading and have very high energy levels with the capacity to do a lot in very little time. You set great goals and then strive to achieve them well. You can be quite intense sometimes and this can lead you to be a workaholic at times.

Your first and second choices generally show your main personality traits, with number one being your dominant trait, and number two following closely behind.