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Board/CEO/C-suite Advisory

Boards, CEOs and individual company directors often struggle with their multiple responsibilities.

They seek a more strategic approach to fulfilling their duties. Boards want an alignment of governance and corporate performance and need to know that critical information is reaching the boardroom in a timely manner.
Catalyst Concepts works alongside boards, CEOs, C-Suite Directors helping them understand these issues and improve their performance and governance standards.

How we can help

We can coach and advise on a range of key matters affecting their performance.

Board evaluations

Our board evaluation approach can be scaled to your requirements and include sophisticated self-assessment surveys and analytical tools, director and management interviews, documentation reviews, boardroom observation and workshops.

Audit committee evaluations

In recognition of the expanding responsibilities of board audit committees, we offer comprehensive self-assessment programs and conduct interviews with committee members, management and internal and external auditors.

Individual director self-assessments and peer assessments

Increasingly, many boards are extending the evaluation process to include individual director self-assessments and peer assessments. These activities provide confidential, objective and valuable feedback to directors on professional and personal development opportunities.

Board reporting advisory

The quality of the information received by boards is a fundamental governance issue. We examine board and committee reporting processes, identifying weaknesses and opportunities for improvement.

Governance advisory

We provide advisory assistance in the design and effective operation of governance structures and frameworks.  We benchmark board governance standards against relevant legislation, codes and global better practice. We collaborate with industry sector specialists to provide targeted advice on fit-for-purpose and integrated governance models.

All of our work leverages Catalyst Concepts extensive experience in advising listed and unlisted companies, government entities and leading not-for-profit organisations.