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Bio Patrick Satamian / Clients


A broadly skilled international business professional with 25 years of proven track record in achieving sustainable top and bottom line results in senior leadership positions asChief Executive Officer, President, Board Member with responsibility reaching US$ 5bio in revenues, expertise in Business Expansion and Acceleration, Culture Shaping and Evolution in Family and PLC comnpanies, Leadership agility (whilst being an outside recruit), as well many industries including Food and Consumer Goods, Food Services (Animal Feed, Animal Nutrition, B2B), Agriculture, Retail, Learning (Education, Training, Coaching), Integrated Property/Asset Management, Private Equity.

Experience in Food includes categories like milk, milk derivatives, cheese, desserts, dairy, juice, water, chocolate, flour, bakery, pasta, sweat and savory snacks, olive oil, coffee, candy, tobacco.
Experience and skills gained working with large and leading Institutions and Government Ministries, including Multinational, Publicly Listed Companies, Family Conglomerates and Groups (Kraft, Mondelez, Nabisco, Altria, Philip Morris, Reynolds Tobacco, Japan Tobacco, Nadec Group, Olayan, Al Ghanem), Large Institutional Funds such as the Public Investment Fund of KSA, Government Ministries of Water, Agriculture, Finance, Health, etc…,  acquiring and integrating businesses including Cadbury, United Biscuits Royal, Lufevre Utile (LU) from Danone, licensing brands with Hershey’s, Premier foods, Fredericks , Muller, working with leading Investments Banks, Private Equity and consultants.

Strong entrepreneurial, business development, analytical and negotiation skills combined with advanced hands on project planning/operational skills. Highly self motivated, success oriented, enabler, through optimal engagement of teams and organizations. Able to set up, manage and grow full fledge businesses and teams whilst leveraging matrix structures, external partners.

Demonstrated skills in International/Developed Markets in re assessing and recommending expansion business models whilst developing/relaunching prestigious and luxury brands(Danone, Kraft, Cadbury, Flake, Nabisco, Philadelphia, Oreo, Milka, Toblerone, Tang, Jacobs)
Led global and cross regional/markets strategic initiatives combined with excellence in execution. Values teamwork/harmony with particular attention to conflict management, people development and balanced culture diversity/inclusion. Fluent in Arabic, English, French, with knowledge of German.

Implemented and grew the international/corporate vision and governance of a multinational company into International Markets thanks to the understanding of both Western//Asian/Middle Eastern cultures (multiple origins Swiss, Italian, Greek, Armenian, Lebanese) as well as to the understanding of dynamics between headquarters/regions/local markets.

Patrick Satamian/Catalyst Concepts Executive Services over the past 30 years, supporting some of the most reputable Global and Regional groups and Governmental Institutions