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Career transition and continuation

Change and transition, like death and taxes, are inevitable. And, as rapid change seems so continuous in today’s world that it appears to have become the constant, adjusting to it remains a continual challenge.
The loss of a job may be traumatic and painful, or it may be seen as a positive event. Either way, it represents change, and change can be difficult. Job change means having to accommodate certain losses of the familiar: people, structure, control, and purpose. But job change also means new opportunities, new challenges, and new rewards.
Catalyst Concepts’s Career Continuation Program is designed to provide you with the knowledge, tools, skills, and support you will need to adjust to the losses, focus on the opportunities ahead, and move forward. You will learn to assess your strengths and assets, determine your job objective, utilize effective job search techniques and marketing methods, and how to initiate your campaign to secure a new position. The skills you will acquire in the process will be valuable assets as you accept and recommit to a new situation and throughout your career.