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Catalyst Concepts has a successful track record in coaching to providing the right interim CEO for the job.
We develop a really good understanding of clients' business culture, so that we place interim managers who fit in well and make a difference from day one. We have a tried and tested methodology for matching the right executive to each assignment and this has been re-paid with exceptional loyalty from our existing interim managers and clients.
An interim CEO enables you to harness the skills of a highly experienced person to fulfil the needs of your organisation at a particular moment in its life. Typicall, an Interim CEO is employed for a number of different reasons

  • Interim CEOs can be used at a time of crisis to turn round a failing service or business. They may offer expertise to a challenged management team. This could mean bringing sound financial management or wise counsel to an organisation that has lost its way as well as the ability to tackle issues such as grievances, poorly managed commercial relationships, broken procurement contracts or problems with internal relationships.
  • Interim CEOs may be brought in at a time of change for an organisation. Start ups, new business development, mergers/acquisitions or restructuring within a company are all productive areas for a skilled CEO.
  • Equally an interim CEO can give a company or organisation some breathing space during the recruitment of a permanent executive or a period of temporary absence of an existing executive.

Many clients who are seeking to improve or innovate take advantage of the Interim CEO to develop new products and services