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Culture Transformation

Catalyst Concepts provides coaching aimed at optimizing and transforming organization cultures, starting with an audit of the cultures in place, then seeking stakeholders views on the needed culture going forward to meet business objectives, followed by the identification of Cultures and Ways of Working that could be adopted, and finally recommending the optimal culture and related results, all along this will include also

Aligning new leaders and/or newly configured teams

  • to maximize effectiveness of the team more quickly
  • to prepare them to best lead culture change

Creating greater organizational agility to meet the challenges of a changing market place

  • increase innovation, learning mindset and create a change-ready culture to flex in any strategic direction

Integrating cultures following mergers and major acquisitions

  • avoid, smooth or pre-empt the culture clashes that often keep mergers and acquisitions from realizing full potential and synergy

Shaping the culture to support new strategies

  • determine habits that may slow progress of new strategies
  • develop and align entire company around new values and guiding behaviors

Implementing major organization-wide systems or processes

  • minimize cultural barriers to change

Becoming an integrated or allied business model

  • create collaborative organizations to effectively implement shared services and allied business models
  • gain cross-organizational synergies

Shift to a customer focus and improve customer satisfaction

  • create service cultures to support company-wide efficiency and performance and enable top-line growth