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Start Your Own Business

This program was specifically prepared for people who are considering going into business for themselves. You have undoubtedly heard success stories about friends of colleagues who have made it on their own, with no more business acumen than you possess. Could you do it yourself ? Will a good idea and a willingness to work hard be enough to serve as a base for success?

This Program, together with the counsel of your Catalyst Concepts consultant, will help you decide whether taking that big step is feasible for you. It will help you determine if you have the right aptitudes, skills and interests for the endeavor. It will help you decide whether you are prepared for the risks that accompany running your own business.

The Catalyst Concepts program also conveys some very practical information that should give you a head start if you decide to go out on your own. You will find that the program provides a useful overview of what you will need to establish your own enterprise, using the business plan as a model and as a vehicle for discussing and planning.

It is important to recognize that because this program is very concentrated and time is limited, we cannot provide in-depth information of specific situations relating to start-ups or business purchases. Remember that no two business endeavors are alike. The Catalyst Concepts program and manual are intended to spark your own inquiry process into the potential of a career working for yourself.