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What do Tiger Woods, Barack Obama and Roger Federer have in common?
They all have life coaches!


  • Do you want to be even more successful than you are already?
  • Do you agonize about where you are in life? Do you feel directionless?
  • Are you in a job that’s going nowhere? Feel stuck in a dead end career?
  • Do you want to lose weight quickly without worrying about it?
  • Has the passion died in your marriage?
  • Are you having a mid life crisis?
  • Is your business stagnant even though you work so hard?
  • Do you often ask yourself why you can’t be happy?
  • Are you prone to anxiety, fret about the past or worry about the future?
  • Do you find it difficult to stop smoking?
  • Are you battling with depression?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you have come to the right place for help. At Catalyst Concepts, we provide life coaching and executive coaching out of our offices in Knowledge Village, Dubai.  We are there for those who want more and we can help you take control of your life. Our coaching style follows the Evolved Coaching model which is an evolution of many techniques and coaching models, practised and proven over 4 decades. This model uses a combination of the latest studies in Neural Science, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Hypnosis, Quantum Physics, Behavioural Science and several life coaching models.  NLP gives you the tools to take charge of your own mind, body and life. Take control of your life and never settle or compromise. Eliminate bad habits and install good behaviour automatically. Design a new life style by enrolling on our weight loss program.

Coaching can help you improve all aspects of your life, even those aspects that are ok. Most successful people ie politicians, sports celebrities, professional athletes, CEOs and film stars, have life coaches.

Take control of your life and behaviour. Create your own destiny and future.

Whether you are looking for just a couple of sessions to gain confidence or clarity, or if you want a complete life transformation, we can help you achieve your goals. Click here for your initial free consultation and our rates and packages.



I can never reward you for what you did to me. Your are the best thing that ver happened to me. Thank for being understanding, helpful, encouraging and supporting. You taught me how when encountered by a negative situation, to think of what I need to learn from the event. When I do that, all the negative emotions disappear.

by: Anonymous

I always felt that I always carrying extra baggage of sadness, anger and guilt, but now these old feelings are gone and I am seeing and acting out my life with a completely different perspective. Thanks Samar!.

by: C.K.

Literally after the first session with samar,I felt lighter and happier. We had a social dinner the next day and for the first time I was able to converse with the people around me without getting stressed out. My husband felt he had new wife.

by: Anonymous

Samar helped me pinpoint the root causes and beliefs that were stopping me from being me and guided me to eliminate them. Instead we planted positive characteristics and it worked..

by: Anonymous

Thank you Catalyst Concepts for changing my life. I am so happy that i have lost 8 kgs in 4 sessions. It is unbelievable.

by: K.K.

I realize now that I don’t hate my job. I just want a different one. All of a sudden so many things seem irrelevant. What used to anger me previously, seems so petty now

by: K.S.

Samar was very supportive and helpful at a time when I was out of focus, distracted and extremely down. Samar helped me get my thoughts clear again and was extremely helpful in getting me back on track focusing on what matters most to me. Thank you very much

by: Ghina Abdallah, Marketing Director MBC.