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Hello for 2013 from all of us at Catalyst Concepts

What's hot in 2013? Personal growth... Life coaching is all the rage now. People no longer want to spend months with therapists who diagnose the problem. They now want a life coach who becomes their partner in designing a better future, someone who helps them think outside the box.

What are you focusing on this year?

Here are some of the main areas our clients are beginning to focus on in 2013:

1. Losing weight and creating a new life style
2. Quitting smoking
3. Reducing stress and setting smart goals for 2013
4. Renewing old friendships
5. Making career changes
6. Starting a new business

For all those interested in taking control of their lives, we would like to invite you to attend our free workshop in February 2013. To register your interest, call us on 04 4486631.



Design a new life style

Diets are not a permanent solution. Using NLP and hypnotherapy, we help you change the way you think about food and exercise. We install good eating habits, renew your will power and instill a love for exercise in you that helps you create permanent weight loss without feeling miserable.
Depending on how much weight you need to lose, you can choose one of our two programs and change your life forever.


What motivates people is the taste of success. We are either motivated by what we don't want or driven by what we want. As humans, we are driven by 2 things: either avoiding pain or getting pleasure. For example, when we are broke, we are the most motivated to take action and to make money. The problem with this is that we keep going back to what we don't want in order to get motivated again. Whereas, when you are into what you want, then you can achieve it... When you are conscious about it, you become aware of it and then you start progressing. Keep in mind that it's wrong to be ok with what you don't want because nothing will motivate you anymore.


Any methodology around goals creates focus. A goal is a magnet that is polarized to attract you to put you somewhere in your future. A goal shouldn't give you purpose, a goal should serve your purpose. Remember that your goal is designed to served you. To get what you don't want is the easiest thing on the planet. To get what you want is to go through the maze.


Call us now for a consultation: 04-4486631 Website:www.catalystconcepts.org

Change Your Life

Take control of your life now and transform yourself, your relationships and career.

We are trained and certified life coaches and executive coaches and we can help you take control of your life. With the help of NLP, behavioral sciences and hypnosis we give you the best tools to take control of your own mind, body and life.

Our business was one of the finalists for the 2012 EMIRATES WOMAN AMBITION AWARD.

Are you a Leader?

Leading an organization requires tremendous strength and patience. It requires courage and vision. There are internal and external pressures; markets today are dynamic, costumers are more demanding, employees are less loyal and financiers are waiting to pounce.

Today's leaders are rushed, easily distracted, dealing with a small crisis on a daily basis and run the risk of losing perspective. It is easy to lose perspective when the most important thing is to remain calm and resilient.      
Many senior executives ask how they can re-group their thoughts and remain on the track to success without spending to much time away from their roles.

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Call us now for a consultation: 04-4486631 Website:www.catalystconcepts.org

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