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Spring Clean Your Life

03 July, 2013

Do your days feel like o n e n ever ending to-do list? It’s time to sort out your ‘life laundry’ and make way for a happier you

Press Release on AME Info

14 March, 2013

Catalyst Concepts, a new life coaching company launched in the UAE, has been developed to cater to the increasing demand for life coaching services in the Middle East. Although the concept of life coaching is still new to this market, it is quickly demanding more attention among those who are looking to become more effective in their professional and personal lives.

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Designing a better future

It is a well-known fact that everyone wants to be successful, and the way to get there is through Life Coaching.

People no longer want to spend months with therapists, they now are looking for a life coach who becomes their partner in designing a better future — someone who helps them think outside the box.

Coaching began as a child of the corporate world where mentoring is part and parcel of personal and professional development. It has now moved on from the executive arena to the personal arena. Whilst therapy is about uncovering and healing, coaching is about discovering and creating. Most of the world’s leaders and celebrities have life coaches, Obama, Donna Karan, Larry King and Oprah Winfrey, to name but a few.

Coaching is fast becoming the most popular personal growth tool with both men and women. US coach Patrick Williams says ‘coaching is especially popular with men who respond favourably to a term from sports’.  Coaching can take place over a few weeks or few months depending on the individual’s needs. The sessions can be conducted in private, over Skype or on the telephone.Whilst coaching has become all the rage in the West, it is still a fairly new concept in the Middle East. With this in mind, Mahyra Roy and Samar Satamian decided to pool their experience, training and skills and set up a life and executive coaching company in Dubai called Catalyst Concepts FZ LLC.

The Catalysts Concepts coaches work with neural and behavioral sciences, neuro linguistic programming (NLP), hypnotherapy and other techniques to help people become more effective in their chosen fields.

In recognition of the unique business idea and effort, the business was shortlisted as one of the finalists for the 2012 Emirates Woman Ambition Award.

At Catalyst Concepts, the life coaches are certified NLP practitioners and also experts in their individual fields. Mahyra Roy is a Chartered Accountant and a former Partner at PriceWaterhouseCoopers and works with individuals at a professional as well as a personal level. Samar Satamian has a degree in Behavioural Sciences and has been working with individuals and athletes for a number of years in the arena of mental training.

Life coaches work with people from all walks of life providing coaching in one-on-one sessions to individuals of high potential working as entrepreneurs or with leading organisations, as well as individuals wishing to create successful lives. Coaching helps defining the goal and then finding a solution.

An executive coach can help an individual define his long term goals, improve the work image, teach him how to resolve conflicts and help improve communication skills and work relationships. On the personal front, a life coach determines where a person is today and where they want to be – thereby identifying the gap.

From a sports coaching perspective, mental training is a vital part of athlete coaching and development. The sign of a champion is the ability to shift his/her attention to what really matters.

To learn more about the business and how these life coaches can help you, visit www.catalystconcepts.org or call on +971 4 4886631 to book an initial complimentary consultation.

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Gulf Today Article 2 Feb 2013

04 February, 2013

DUBAI: It is a well-known fact that everyone wants to be successful and the way to get there is through life coaching.

People no longer want to spend months with therapists. They look for a life coach who can become their partner in designing a better future, someone who helps them think outside the box.

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