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Weight Loss Program

Weight Reduction Programs - Join one of our two weight loss plans to change your life style and be free of constant weight issues.

Change your mindset in three sessions

In three NLP sessions, change the way you think about food, increase your will power and learn to enjoy exercising. These sessions are designed to help you start a new weight loss regime that guarantees consistency for the future.

Lose 8 kgs in eight sessions

This weight loss programs is designed using both NLP & Hypnosis. It involves 8 one on one sessions. We guarantee your money back if at the end of these 8 sessions you have not lost a minimum of 8 kgs.

Diets simply DO NOT work.  Only 5% of people actually reach and maintain their target weight regardless of what diet plan they follow.  Reducing fat intake, getting routine exercise, and learning to eat in response to the body's own sensations of hunger are far more effective for weight reduction than diets alone.

  • Do you eat based on external cues, not based on internal hunger signals?
  • Do you plan social activities around food?
  • Were you told as a child not to waste food?
  • Do you reward yourself with food?
  • Do you eat for emotional comfort?

Our program puts the control into your hands and enhances the choices you make about food and exercise.  In this program you will receive:

  • Eight sessions with your coach
  • Special take home materials
  • Personalized weight reduction recordings
The hypnotic recordings reinforce your progress and allow you to design your own hypnotic suggestions.  Incentives to succeed are built into the structure of the program, because you do not advance to the next step until you are successfully reducing your weight and shedding those excess pounds.
Once you have achieved a reduction of at least 16 pounds, you have all the tools and methods you need to continue the program on your own, or if you prefer, schedule additional sessions.
With our NLP and hypnotherapy programs you can lose the weight you want without it taking over your life.